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Ahl al Kitaab | People of the Book

Ahl al Kitaab | People of the Book

Hello Friends and Colleagues,

We have just put out a new website, actually our first effort as such.  The website has as a goal to provide resources for those who may be interested in learning just how to reach Muslims with the Good news.

We are addressing this message to persons in denominational leadership, missions’ leaders, Campus ministries, Christian educational institutions, individuals whom we know to have this need at heart.

Here is the reasoning behind this choice:

The demographic we are trying desperately to reach are the 19-35 year olds, the peer group of the 100’s of thousands of Muslim students in our universities in Canada and the USA.   Yes, there are at least 300 thousand of these, right here in Canada.

We only have to get this “into the stream;” the youth current will then carry it where it must go.  Take a look at it and you will see what we mean.


I would suggest that you get the site to your contacts by the internet so that they only have to do a “copy/paste” or a” control click” to go straight to the site. You might also suggest how that their sending the site on to others  whom they see as potential soul winners will reap still more benefits in His kingdom.

Thank you ever so much for considering this appeal

Bruce Muirhead
Ahl al Kitaab- People of the Book