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Charlottetown Bible Chapel

Charlottetown Bible Chapel

9:15 AM The Lord’s Supper for all those who know and love the Lord Jesus Christ, meet to remember the One Who died for them.
11:00 AM Family Bible Hour seeks to meet the needs of all ages. There is a Sunday school available for young people and a ministry meeting available for adults.
6:30 PM Evening Meeting all age groups are invited to attend together for this ministry meeting.

9:15 AM Ladies prayer time is a time for ladies to come together and pray for needs.
6:25 PM Awana is a children’s and young people’s group for ages 8-13.

7:00 PM Prayer and Bible study is our mid-week meeting for all ages to gather for prayer and Bible study.

7:00 PM Young Peoples is the time for young people ages 13 and up.