Loving God Blessing Israel

Posted on Sep 2, 2015 in News

Starting August 14th, 2015, Return Ministries, CMJ Canada and Tikkun International will be leading an amazing tour across Canada from Victoria, BC to St John’s, NFLD in 10 white pick- up trucks to introduce the Loving God, Blessing Israel initiative to the Body of Christ. These are representative of the 10 white trucks being purchased for Israel.

“Why ten white trucks?” Jerry O’Leary, a New Brunswick businessman, was inspired by God to donate ten white trucks to bless the poor in Israel. Jerry and others were impressed that the Lord was calling all Canadian Christians to give generously to bless Israel, for such a time as this, in fulfillment of His Word.

Canada and Israel are working together to bring this vision to reality. The fruit of this fundraising initiative is the founding of a Galilee Hospitality Village, Fields of Wheat. Working together with ministry leaders across Israel, Fields of Wheat will provide a place to:

  • Cultivate a foundational atmosphere of worship and prayer
  • Unite and equip followers of Yeshua in the fullness of God’s word and Spirit
  • Serve Jewish and Arab congregations and friends from the nations
  • Welcome and bless Israel’s returning exiles to the land

Fields of Wheat will be a multi-purpose facility for believing Israeli Jews and Arabs to gather together for children’s summer camps, youth retreats and national conferences to equip the indigenous body of believers in Israel. Additionally, this hospitality village includes a Canadian presence, Canada Place to provide opportunity for volunteers from the nations to serve the people of Israel as an expression of love for the Lord Jesus Christ. Further, a section of the village will be reserved to provide hospitality to new Israelis who have recently made Aliyah (immigrated to Israel).

Paul Wilbur, well-known Messianic Jewish worship leader, will join us for the initial events in Victoria, Surrey and Langley, BC on August 14, 15 and 16. These are the first of 40 key meetings in cities across Canada as we truck across this great nation. Please join us on this amazing journey!

For more information please contact: info@lovingGodblessingIsrael.com

Visit our website: www.LovingGodBlessingIsrael.com
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